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Matrox Announces New Graphics Cards Based On Intel Arc

Published on April 28, 2023

Matrox recently announced the LUMA A310, LUMA 310F and LUMA A380 graphics cards.


As their names suggest, these graphics cards are using dies from Intelí»s Arc discrete graphics card chips. The A310 is a single-slot, passive card, while the A310F and A380 have a fan. All of these cards can support up to four 5K, 60 FPS displays.

Before this product, Matrox had also produced the C420 graphics card a few years back, based on AMD silicon.


Matrox step foot in the GPU market all the way back when Windows 9x was still around, and although they used to design graphics chips in-house, just like the big players nowadays such as AMD, Intel and Nvidia, they lagged behind the competition over time, and is now using third-party graphics chips for their graphics cards with custom drivers. High-performance computing and gaming are not their focus anymore. Rather, the company switched their focus to broadcasting and streaming systems.