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Microsoft To Add More Ads To Windows 11

Published on April 21, 2023

In the most recent Windows 11 update, there are a few bug fixes, slight tweaks to the taskbar UI, as well as more ads.

After installing the update, some users will now see more notifications encouraging them to switch to Microsoft products. For instance, OneDrive, a file hosting service launched by Microsoft, now enjoys a larger presence in everyday use for some users.


Some select users will now see prompts that advertise using OneDrive to back up their data much more often, and often in places that don¡¯t even make much sense. For instance, it could appear in the user options menu in the start menu.


Microsoft has been trying to take more control away from users all the way back when Windows 10 first launched, where the system was made to automatically receive and install updates unless the feature is turned off by changing the registry and/or group policy. Since many other Windows features are deeply integrated with Windows Update, disabling it will also cause other problems to occur and more workarounds have to be explored to deal with those. The trend doesn¡¯t seem to be stopping with Windows 11, clearly¡­¡­