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Steam To Drop Support For Windows 7 and Windows 8

Published on March 31, 2023

Valve recently sent out an announcement that it will discontinue Steam support for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 on January 1, 2024. After January 1, ¡°the Steam Client will no longer run on those versions of Windows.¡±


In its statement, Valve justified this change by stating that ¡°core features in Steam rely on an embedded version of Google Chrome, which no longer functions on older versions of Windows.¡± You can decide for yourself if that¡¯s a reasonable excuse¡­¡­ Even though regular support for these three operating systems has ended, notably the one for Windows 7 ending all the way back in 2020, they are still responsible for 1.86% of the Steam user base. This is a very small percentage, sure, but when you consider how large the Steam user base is as a whole, 1.86% of that is still more than a million users.