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Draft Of The Measures For The Management Of Online Games

Published on December 29, 2023

Recently, the National Press and Publication Administration published a draft of The Measures For The Management Of Online Games for public comments.


The draft is aimed to regulate business practices in the online gaming market. The draft forbids online video game companies from setting up daily login rewards, or rewards for continuously spending money in in-game transactions, or spending money for the first time in a game. In addition, the draft requires video games to set a limit for the maximum amount of money a user can spend in a game.

The draft also outlined how in-game currencies could be managed. In-game currencies could only be used within the services/games that distributed them, and not be used to trade in for products or services elsewhere. When loot boxes are involved, the chances for getting various items as well as other information should be reasonably explained and users should not be mislead into spending too much money.

Other interesting points in the draft includes rules against monopolizing the market or unfair competition, and rules that protect minors.