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Apple Is Set To Release The Vision Pro In 2024

Published on December 22, 2023

The industry has seen its fair share of VR and AR devices over the years, and Apple has announced plans to step foot in the market quite some time ago as well. First announced in Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in June of this year, the Apple Vision Pro is claimed to offer the ability to "blend digital content with your physical space".


According to Apple, the Vision Pro uses hand gestures for navigation. The company’s website showed how a person could sit at a couch with their headset on and use hand gestures to navigate around the UI.

The Apple Vision Pro seems to be an AR (Augmented reality) device. When turned on, the headset would show windows and images on the screen while still allowing you to see your surroundings. The company also showed off how the device could display and let you navigate your apps in the virtual environment. This seems to indicate that the device is likely meant to be used in coherence with another desktop computing device (quite possibly a MacBook or something similar), and could act as a productivity tool to allow the users work with more windows, or allow users to do 3D design work in a virtual environment.