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Windows 11 Update May Break SSD Performence

Published on March 24, 2023

Windows 11 recently rolled out its KB5023706 update, codenamed ˇ°Moment 2ˇ±. Quickly after the update, however, many reports emerged claiming that the update led to dramatic decreases in SSD performance.


After rolling out the update, a subreddit was created in r/Windows11 to collect user feedback. Many users reported experiencing diminished SSD performances after installing the update. Users such as u/mesp21 reported that the update ˇ°Tanked my SSD nvme reading and writing speeds, like A LOT. Went from 7000 to 3000, sometimes 1000 using the balance energy profile in my Legion 5 2021. Just uninstalled the cumulative update and my SSD is reaching the 7000 read speed again and Windows is snappy again. So there's a huge problem with this oneˇ±. Other users also posted screenshots of benchmarks to support this claim, such as this one: Claimed performance after the update


Claimed performance after uninstalling the update


Ironically, according to Microsoft the update was supposed to fix a bug that slowed down file transfer speeds in some circumstances. Users that are concerned about their SSD performance following the update can reference for guides to uninstall the update. Sources: