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China's First Commercial Driverless "Sky Train" Starts Trial Run In Wuhan

Published on May 26, 2023

The city of Wuhan began testing a driverless train in its high-tech park on May 9 of this year. The train is suspended in the air by rails and is driverless.

The train is claimed to be able to transport as many as 200 passengers after the official launch.

A look at the train from below

Wang Kecheng, the chief designer, noted that the "sky train" can be used as "a commuting method between facilities in big cities, such as from airports and high-speed rail stations to subway stations or other transport hubs", or be used for"commuting between terminals at large airports", as well as for "connecting large scenic areas and scenic spots".

A snapshot from the official trailer showing the train running

The advantages for such a suspended approach include reduced construction costs compared to conventional metros, and reduced construction times, claimed Wang Kecheng.